Friday, July 14, 2006

Scrabbling for content

It’s ten degrees outside at the moment. That’s pretty bloody cold, and I am inordinately grateful for a casual day that allows me to wear warm clothes.

Said warm clothes are red white and blue, by the way. (Well, black with a bit of red, blue jeans and a white coat. It’s the best I could manage. I don’t do colour.) This would be because I am going to a Bastille Day Scrabble Party tonight. There is no connection between Bastille Day and Scrabble. We did consider playing
French Duplicate Scrabble, but we dismissed it out of hand in favour of eating cheese and talking in ‘Allo ‘Allo accents. Come on, you would have made the same decision.

(Whilst I’m all with the linky linky, is it just me or does the owner of
this Scrabble-related page need to get a new hobby? They’re real, unadulterated examples, people! None of that manipulation of scrabble letters to make a dubious point for this crew, no indeed not.)

I am bringing the (French) cheese to this party. You know what goes with cheese? A nice whine. So without further ado:

1. I’m tired and I don’t really want to go out tonight.
2. It’s very very cold, and I like cold, but this is unreasonable.
3. Due to tiredness, hangover, and a feeling of nameless existential dread, I am eating stupid quantities of stupid food in stupid combinations. Soft black liquorice and Granny Smiths go surprisingly well together, but I’ve eaten enough to satisfy someone twice my size today, and it has to stop. Otherwise I'll have la nausée. Ha ha ha ha! Oh, shut up, it is too funny.
4. I am waiting to hear something fairly momentous (to me) and the person on whom I am waiting is waiting on someone else, and if I have to go the entire weekend before discovering the answer I shall be Cross. And yes, I realise this makes no sense to anyone but me. I’ll explain later. Or not.
5. When I am under-caffeinated, the last thing I want to do is deal with the galley kitchen used by our office. Little known fact: they’re called galley kitchens because although galley slaves were, you know, enslaved, they were allowed to have coffee breaks under the decree of King Louis XIV. And so they designed the galley kitchen to be really bloody small and crowded and inconveniently laid out, so that it took them absolutely forever to make a cup of coffee, and so they had an excuse to stand around for ages making small talk about how cold it was this morning and what do you think about that latest clash with the Huguenots then, and oooh is that a toasted sandwich, that looks good, I wish I had one of those.
(Disclaimer: this fact not actually factual)

Have a good weekend, guys.


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