Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Today's post is brought to you by the letter Q

It took me fifty minutes to get to work this morning, due to a broken down semi trailer and a lot of backed up traffic. Mind you, my co-worker has me beaten hands down here: his tram was held up for half an hour because some old guy on a golf cart insisted on pedalling (do I mean pedalling? I have never been on a golf cart. It’s one of those unrealised ambitions of my life that haunt me in the wee hours) down the tram tracks and refused to get off.

That’s sort of wonderful, I think. You’re some old guy on a little golf buggy, trundling along tram tracks because, you know, there’s no traffic to hit you that way, and then this massive noisy tram comes up behind you, really really fast, slams on its brakes and starts tailgating you at a crawl. Then you’ve got a hundred pissed-off commuters yelling at you out of the windows (I’m editorialising now, you know that, right?) and the tram is really very very large and can squish you like an insect …and your reaction is to shrug and keep trundling. I mean, okay, annoying if you’re a commuter. But the guy gets props nonetheless.

And I’m going to spend my lunch hour queueing in a post office. The glamour, it never stops.

Self-Aggrandising Bit

By the way, you will notice that I finally worked out how to make links (thanks Angela). I’ll add to them if the IT boys allow me to access the site. Also, I am told that people are actually reading this site. Well, more than one person, anyway. This is excellent and exciting and I am chuffed about it. I will be even more chuffed if you pass it on to all of your friends. Also, anyone wanting to lavish me with praise, money, alcohol or ideas for posts can email me at left.

I love you. You wouldn’t leave me, would you?


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