Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tuesday Night

"Hi, honey. I bought you some chocolate frogs for being such a nice husband."

"How sweet. Thanks."

"Tanya? What have you done to the washing machine?"
"What? I haven't done anything to the washing machine! God."
"You've ripped one of the knobs completely off."
"Ohhh. Oh, yeah, one of the knobs fell off. I forgot to tell you."
"Fell off? It looks like you twisted it in the wrong direction. Like, really hard. Look, the screw's completely gone."
"...Umm. Dinner's...I just need to add some coconut milk."

"What? What? The hell?"
"It just made this...fzzzzt noise and went sort of...and now there's this horrible smell."
"I was just stirring! I didn't do anything!"

"I can't believe you blew up the stovetop. And broke the washing machine."
"Have a chocolate frog."


Blogger Ange said...

What the? So much for the romantic evening with FROGS!

Still shaking my head..

28 June, 2006  

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