Monday, July 10, 2006

On various losses

So, how about that international sports match, then? I wasn’t going to get up and watch the final of the World Cup, because I didn’t really care who won, but the wind woke me at 4am, so I build myself a nest on the couch and watched.

Now, I don’t know anything about football. Historically the only opinion I have offered is: they should totally make them play into extra time irrespective of the score, because sweat + world-class football players = good, good things.

And they say women don’t appreciate sport.

Anyway, total ignorance has never stopped me making comments before, so here we go.

Firstly, what’s with the whole “Italy didn’t deserve to win” thing? Dude. They won. By playing within the accepted rules of the game (and not, you know,
headbutting their opponent). That pretty much defines “they deserved to win”. Because if that isn’t the case, well, perhaps we should be looking at the rules?

Secondly, consider this a public service announcement. Just because Australia almost didn’t lose to Italy, and then Italy won, does not mean that Australia “could have won the World Cup”. We didn’t. We weren’t going to. If we’d beaten Italy we would have got trounced by someone else, because other countries are better at this game than we are. Okay? Deal with it, move on, go back to playing cricket.

Getting up early makes me cranky.


In other news, some asshole stole my phone at the pub on Friday. I suppose that this was technically my fault, since it almost certainly fell out of my bag, but come on. They could have handed it in. What are they going to get for the handset, $30? It’s going to cost me more than that to replace the sim card along, let alone get a new phone.

And have you ever tried replacing all the information in your phone book? It takes about five months. And I know that, because it’s been about five months since I last lost my phone. Damn it all to hell.

(Anyone who knows me and loves me and has a spare handset, please email me. I’ll buy you a drink.)


Nothing else to report from the weekend. I was accused of gallivanting too much in recent weeks, and my liver and wallet agreed with the accusation, so I divided my time between cooking, gardening and reading. Good times.


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