Thursday, July 13, 2006

None of these things are connected

Is rocket science really the most difficult thing that there is? I’ve been wondering for a while, and if anyone knows, I’d really appreciate the answer.


I discovered
this oddly translated horoscope site recently (via the wonderful Mimi Smartypants), and I’m addicted. Today’s horoscope tells Taureans:

Today you will be estimated highly by the different people, and everybody without exception will begin to search for your attention. Now you can permit yourself to be capricious and not to accept the offers right away. Choose the best one.

How much does that rock? I am going to go out tonight and be estimated highly by the different people. I can’t wait.


Going out tonight, you say? Why, yes. Yes, I am.

For some reason July seems to be the month of People Leaving For, Or Visiting From, Far Off Places. Rarely seen friends now available, for a limited time only! Act now!

So, I’m out again tonight, and given that I’m spending the evening with a friend who insists on drinking red wine, we can safely assume that I will be hung over tomorrow. I felt the need to share this, because otherwise I know none of you would have expected me to be hung over at work on a Friday.


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