Friday, July 14, 2006

Jour de bastille heureux, chacun

I can’t be the only person who thinks that big huge television screens in pubs are a bad idea. I’m not suggesting we make t-shirts or anything, but some sort of mobilising force might be in order. Do people not have televisions at home? Large, flat-screened, beplasmaed televisions?

(My spell-check is seriously pissed off at me for the word “beplasmaed”. We already have an uneasy relationship, and I think I might have pushed it over the edge. One day soon they’re going to find my body washed up on a shore, riddled with apostrophes).

Back to televisions. Why do they need them in pubs? Aren’t pubs distinguishable from the average home by the fact that they are conveniently located for socialising? I mean, you can drink and watch television at home, and it’s surely easier to hear the commentary that way. Pubs are for talking. I will brook no argument on this.

Although if they are going to insist on the screens, maybe they could be used for a more useful purpose. You know, like publican service announcements. (Look, I ration the puns, but there’s only so much repression I can take). Just every now and then, in between the pointless sports stuff.

The one I could have done with last night would have been TOMORROW IS A WORKDAY. Because good god. I have to stop coming into the office hung over.

Actually, I’m not as bad as I could be, but I’m far too tired to function well. Don’t expect mirth from me today, chickens.


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