Monday, July 17, 2006

Boring Weekend Recap

Well, still no word on the Potentially Very Exciting Thing, but today’s horoscope says
Today you are expected by very pleasant meeting. Put on something elegant. All the rest will depend extremely on your own charm.
So that’s a good sign.

Anyway, moving on:

I got to my scrabble night half an hour early on Friday, to find that the hostess is not yet there, and settle on her porch to wait. She arrives five minutes later and looks very relieved to see me. She’s locked herself out, with her mobile inside the house. So I spring to the rescue and call a locksmith, who promptly takes an hour and a half to show up. By the time he does, therefore, there are six women huddled on the porch (remember how I said it was cold on Friday? Unsurprisingly, it was rather colder than that by 7pm. And also dark. And cold, did I mention cold?).

Once inside, the women swing into action, cutting bread and mixing salad and heating quiche (tres Francais, non?). Quote of the evening: “No wonder men like us. Look at how we all pull together and get things done. When you add sex to that as well, well, jesus.”

Words to live by, folks.

I won’t dwell on the result of the game. This is because it is a dull subject of no interest to my readers, and not at all because my opponent played Abseiled over two triple word scores and gained 140 points for one move. I’m not bitter at all, you understand. No sir. Not me.

The husband’s in Sydney this week, so I plan to spend my time reading by a fire and eating the Indian left over from the weekend (I am entirely incapable of cooking an appropriate quantity of food for two people. On Saturday I cooked Indian; channa dhal (serves 4-6) and Fish Masala (serves 6 – 8) with a couple of side dishes. I’m sure you can do the maths.) all on my lonesome.

And yes, I know you don’t care. But if I took that into account, what would I post about, hmm?


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