Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Although I suppose it'd have been worse if my shirt WAS unbuttoned

So I'm walking down a city street to work this morning, and I notice that men walking in the other direction, towards me, are all giving me appreciative glances. Now, it's not as if the odd appreciative glance is completely unheard of in my world, but this was well beyond normal. There was staring, there were smiles, there was at least one leer so blatant that I wondered if my shirt had come unbuttoned or something.

Perhaps I'm emitting a vibe that I'm unaware of, I thought. It's a nice sunny day, maybe they're all just filled with joie de vivre. Perhaps the half-asleep no-makeup look is more appealing to men than I'd thought?

And then the footsteps that had been behind me for quite some time sped up, and a tall, slim young woman with waist length blonde hair, a short skirt and knee high spiked heels overtook me and turned down a side street. After which, the glances stopped.

Not the best start to a day I've ever had.


Blogger Christine said...

Are you kidding? That happens to me EVERY day. Hahaha. Stupid blondes.

How are ya?

02 January, 2008  

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