Sunday, July 08, 2007

And now a message from our sponsor

Tired of sweaty gyms and long queues? Sick of expensive machinery? Fed up with empty promises and no results?

Don't despair!

With our award-winning breakthrough technology, you too can have ROCK HARD abs with minimum effort. Our technique works with your everyday life so that you are exercising the muscles whilst you work, whilst you play, even whilst you sleep*!

Its power lies in its simplicity. No fancy diets or rigorous schedules, just all-natural all-organic goodness. This technology contracts and releases your muscles without you even having to try, strengthening and sculpting as you watch!

And how much does it cost? Well, hold on to your seats, because you're not going to believe it. This revolutionary new technology that works with your natural rhythms to sculpt your abdominals without disrupting your schedule**'s not $500, it's not $100. No!

For a limited time only, this wonder product can be yours FREE with every purchase of $30 and over from your local chemist.

Don't delay! Get ChestInfekshon (TM) today!

*Disclaimer: product may in fact affect sleep.
**And your schedule***.
***And don't even get me started on what it does to one's sex life. Jesus.


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