Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I’m not given to small talk at the best of times. Long self-involved monologues yes, small talk, not so much. Today, with my scratchy sore throat, I seem to be giving off inconveniently Friendly Approachable vibes.

I went to my regular café this afternoon for a pot of tea, and the cook stopped by my table to comment on the fact that I wasn’t eating lunch there, just the tea, and was I American, because I sounded American. And there I am, smiling politely and darting longing glances back at my book, unable to reply in more than a whisper.

Annoying Co-worker is in fine form, wandering up to deliver long monologues apropos of nothing. And I do mean apropros of nothing; I’ll be typing away, having only said “hi, good morning” to him all day, and then he’s there, standing over my desk, saying “once, I was working on a probate case, and there was this issue with the Episcopalian church…”

By the time Lunchroom Guy (naïve philosophy along the lines of “everyone used to be so much happier in the old days”, seems to live in the lunchroom, and I have not yet discovered his name despite daily chats for four months) cornered me I was ready to hide. Which it turns out I should have done, because I know now entirely too much about his fiance’s ring preferences.

Heerrrree, linky linky linky…

1. Sleeping positions:

I am a pinching koala and tree!
Find your own

Now, the description of this suggests that Koalas Make For Excellent Lawyers, which, syntax issues aside, would be good news if I were the “koala” in this picture. Actually, I can’t sleep with someone touching me at all and I suspect that, if anything, I am the tree. Or a rose stem, covered in thorns and totally unwelcoming. Neither the husband nor I are big people, and we have a queen sized bed, and even then I find myself edging over to the side in my sleep. It’s nothing personal to him; I’m just a light and irritable sleeper, and I’ve never been able to sleep snuggled up.

Although I do like the bit about Pinching Koalas and Trees being surrounded by friends. That’s nice.

2. Hey, look, Google Earth and Wikipedia
made a baby!

3. (I always feel like I need three links. What’s with that?)
This story makes me wonder whether sexual urges and cannibalism are more linked than we like to admit.

I can't think of a better note on which to finish than that, can you?


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