Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Bleeeurghhh. The house was freezing this morning, to the extent that I asked the husband if we could ring in cold and stay in bed. No, apparently. My throat feels like someone has taken sandpaper to it, and I want nothing more than a nap. Let that serve as my apology for a dull post. Another night at home for me, covered in the furry cushions that I call my cats.

Yesterday I had an orientation sort of thing with the law firm I’ll be doing work experience at next month. This was great, except that I made the mistake of claiming I wanted to experience court work, which turns out, in this firm, to translate to lots of time spent at the Family Court. It should be exciting, in a potentially-getting-shot-at sort of way. Either way, I should get in as much blogging as possible between now and then, because I can’t imagine I’ll have the same level of downtime when I’m working there.

Having now been introduced to all the lawyers I imagine they’ll expect me to remember their names. I’m notoriously bad at this. It’s not so much that I forget names, it’s that I forget faces. If I’ve met you twice and talked to you for ages, and then the third time we run into each other you’re wearing glasses? I probably won’t recognise you. Too often have I introduced myself to people at parties, only to discover that we’ve met several times.

This is made worse by the fact that I am odd-looking and therefore easily recognisable myself. True story: one sunny day, when I was about 16, I was with a friend who wanted to buy some marijuana. She and I met her supplier in a park for maybe three minutes whilst the transaction happened. The supplying friend also had a mate with her, and quick introductions were made before we all went our separate ways. Two and a half years later, in an extremely dimly lit nightclub, the friend-of-the-friend-of-my-friend came up to me (now 19 and heavily gothed) to say hello, having recognised me from that moment. I mean, seriously, people, are these the standards I should be striving for?

These days I try and pick out a distinguishing characteristic with which to distinguish people, but in an office full of fifty-something white men in grey and black suits, that’s going to be somewhat difficult. So far I can distinguish between Tufty Ears and Down Low, but I just know that Needs a Haircut will catch me unawares with a nicely trimmed noggin.

Anyway, that’s in the future. The only thing in my present is another cough lozenge. Do those things have calories?


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