Friday, July 28, 2006

Friday linkalicious

Today is the day of Hormonal Clumsiness. I don’t know if this is just me, but rather than the clichéd PMT symptoms – tears, crockery throwing, vast quantities of chocolate – I tend to lose all sense of spatial awareness. So far this morning I have whacked my head against the curved floor lamp that has been in exactly the same place for a year and a half, bashed my hip against the corner of a coffee table (twice), dropped my work security pass into a bin by accident and spilt a glass of water on my top. And it’s only 9.15am.

Despite this, I’m cheerful this morning. Why am I cheerful this morning?

Go and look at
this site and tell me you’re not in a good mood as well. Warning: not safe for diabetics. So sweet!

this display of inclusiveness makes me very very happy. I love the last line. “How can a gay bloke be a queen?” Well, sir, let me explain the common usage principle…

This story is funny-sad rather than funny-hilarious, but still interesting: opponents of an anti-smoking ban in bars claim that by forcing women to go outside to smoke, the legislators will increase their risk of sexual assault. Because bars are so much safer. Ha! Nice try, Mr Dahl.

this just makes me giggle. My favourite part is when he calls women “the gender which is involved in creating life”. Um. That would be both genders, actually.


Blogger abacus said...

i clicked these links. it wasn't my fault. Men Behaving Badly had finished and my lunch break wasn't yet over. (Gary and Tony got drunk in today's episode.)

first link: cute animals doing cute things. and not dial-up friendly. saved by whoever let the photo of the hamster and the snake slip through. mmmmmm. lunch. but photos of puppies and kittens in vaguely pornographic poses? not for the faint-hearted. (this may be my harshest critique yet of Tanya's blog, but animal pictures just, well, they get on my goat).

link 2: "Carnival committee chairman Robin Goodfellow, 66, said: "We couldn't eliminate him just because he was male." why oh why is the delightfully androgynously named Goodfellow's age important?

(has anyone else noticed how popups are starting to affect the performance of and i can't believe i spelt that word correctly.)

link 3: scary in so many ways. the article even carries the suggestion that women that smoke are the type to be more likely to have abusive husbands or boyfriends waiting for them at home. okay, i may be extrapolating a little, but tell me if i am wrong? i am sure it reads that way.

link 4: we should have been warned this story came from new zealand, the land where police women who moonlight as prostitutes constitute a labour relations issue rather than a legal one. okay, i admit it, the most unlikely news stories catch my attention.

28 July, 2006  

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