Monday, July 24, 2006

Moral philosophy

I’m not a great one for taking personality quizzes: I already know who I am, thank you very much (remember, I’m a histrionic narcissist. I'm self-obssessed enough without knowing What Sort Of Fruit I Am. Disclaimers aside, however, this is fascinating.

Turns out that my closest philosophical match is John Stuart Mill (100% match, no less. I should maybe email him and suggest a date), which suits me fine. I’m a little disturbed that I accord with Ayn Rand to the tune of 69% (although I find the exact number ironic, since Ayn Rand, with her icky sensualised rape fantasies, is the last person I can imagine being keen on the concept of 69ing) but if I get to party with JSM I’ll deal. The philosophy I am least aligned to is cynicism, which amuses me a little.

But enough about me. Tell me about you.


Blogger abacus said...

i hate that i now have to admit here, to the world at large, but, granted, anonymously, that i always thought Ayn Rand was male. I have The Fountainhead. I have read it. I quite enjoyed it, but i was young and naive and probably liked the sex. (there is sex, right?). My mate David didn't like it. It is the favourite book of... someone important.... Malcolm Fraser? Gough Whitlam? This was not enough to sway David.

Did i just impune a rather large readership to this blog?

24 July, 2006  
Blogger abacus said...

sorry. me again. so annoying. that i felt compelled to take this quiz. but it was worth it for the results page. all those names. all so familiar. especially aristotle, aristotle, who was a bugger for the bottle. and socrates himself, who was permanently pissed. but isn't thomas hobbes a cartoon character? jean-paul sartre 100%. (ayn rand 50%.) French Existentialist. this is tres cool, n'est ce pas? actually, it's not. a little googling suggests this is quite bleak. and i sure hope my parish priest is not a fan.

24 July, 2006  

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