Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I'll be late in tomorrow, we're going to go meet Reginald. Well, look at a picture of it. To check it has all its bits*.


Yeah, we didn't want to be all cutesy and "oh the jumping bean is hungry" so we sort of fell into the habit of calling it random things, and Reginald just stuck. I mean obviously we aren't going to really call it Reginald. I mean, you know. Reginald.

My father's name is Reginald.


*It does. At least so far. Although, are they supposed to look like four-limbed beetles?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually I think Mine looked like a little Alien.....btw... not a good movie to watch when Pregnant, especially when you are able to start feeling the baby move :-) In the later scans he/she will start to look like a little skeleton baby heh Mel

08 June, 2008  
Blogger jeanieofoz said...

Ya Preggers? CONGRATS! Hope it all goes smoothly :D Sure Bubby will be beautiful with your genes :)

15 June, 2008  

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