Monday, April 14, 2008

Hey, remember how I was going to stop blogging unless something really interesting happened?

When we moved into this building, one of its much touted features was the glass-walled offices. Each office is walled entirely in glass, meaning that anyone walking past can see you and what you are doing at any given point. Comparisons with the Panopticon come to mind.

In the past, this has meant that shopping online for lingerie, spending half an hour rearranging my shelf ornaments (...shut up) or snacking on anything less decorous than a pre-cut-up apple* have been fraught with danger. How the Partners manage to conduct their tawdry affairs with their little blonde secretaries** is beyond me. I guess one finds ways and means, just as I've learned not to be bothered by people looking askance at the feminist blog up on the screen or the fact that I have seven pairs of shoes in one corner.

These days, it mostly just bothers me because I can't take a 3 pm nap under my desk.

* The pre-cut apple has long been my visual symbol for What Is Wrong With The World Today. Not the home-cut apple, you understand, nor even the little baggies one can buy at sandwich bars. But did you know that you can buy pre-sliced apple, vacuum packed in a little plastic bag, from the supermarket? As in, the fresh food aisle? As in, next to the actual apples? The ones which are about a quarter of the price? Those apples? Well, you can. And that is What Is Wrong With The World Today.

** This is a joke. To the best of my knowledge, all the Partners are fine upstanding*** members**** of society. Who do not have affairs with their secretaries, blonde or otherwise.


****Okay, okay, I'm stopping now


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