Thursday, March 27, 2008

What may or may not be a final post

There've been a few people recently asking me whether or not I am, in fact, dead. A reasonable enough question, in the circumstances.

The reality is that I just don't have time to post any more. But I've been putting off the decision, because every time I think that's it, I don't have time to post any more, I've got to pull this blog down, something happens that I want to write about.

Like the recent morning when I levered myself out of bed, showered on auto-pilot, clambered out, dried my hair with a big fluffy towel, wandered into the bedroom to dress, lifted my hands to my hair to lift it on my neck and pull it back into a plait ... and felt something behind my ear. And even in my sleep-befuddled state, the tiniest sense of unease crept into my consciousness. I couldn't tell what it was that I was feeling. I just knew I shouldn't be feeling anything.

So I lifted my hand again to explore further, and the thing behind my ear moved and my fingertips registered something sort of furry and OH MY CHRIST ITS A SPIDER THERE IS A SPIDER BEHIND MY EAR.

After brushing it off and disinfecting my neck in the vain hope that it would get rid of the nasty scratching sensation behind my ear and screaming slightly and hopping around because now the spider was under the bed and disinfecting my neck again - after all that, I thought:

Well, that'll make a good story for the blog.

But one post every few months does not a blog make. And these days I run triage between keeping the house less-than-filthy, getting to the gym or eating a real dinner, not having the time and energy for all three. So I think this is it, folks, the final curtain.


Unless something really interesting happens.

I'll think about it.