Sunday, September 24, 2006

To be fair, you wouldn't have known the last one either

Three discoveries I have made in the past three days:

1. Just because someone is friendly doesn’t mean that they share your sense of humour. This is especially true if they work in a service industry and being friendly is part of their job. Just to pluck a random hypothetical example out of the air, going into the pet shop and asking for six goldfish “because the cats looked hungry this morning” is generally not a good idea.

2. Drinking an extremely nice bottle of red wine, the sort one puts away for celebrations, and following that up with some dessert wine and chocolate, and then in a combination of guilt and over-excitability deciding to go to the gym the next morning and beat your personal best running record…well, it doesn’t end comfortably, that’s all. Unless you are much fitter than I am.

3. Morris Dancing, whilst universally mocked as a hobby, can be an excellent career move. This works best if one of your fellow Morris Dancers moves to the biggest law firm in the country and is tasked with finding a bright young graduate to fill an upcoming position.

In breaking news: life fucking rocks.


Blogger abacus said...

do you have the occupational demographics for morris dancers? it would be a pity to take up the pursuit, on your advice, and hopeful of some serious professional networking, to find they are all, in the main.... well, i don't know... undertakers?

sorry, that was a gratuitous morris-dancer dig. seriously, i have friends who bag-pipe and morris dance. well, one of each. they are mutual friends. i have to get out more.

24 September, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


24 September, 2006  
Blogger abacus said...

oops, sorry, yes, like he said. congratulations. i got carried away with the sheer... morris-dancerishness.. of it all. can anyone blame me?

24 September, 2006  

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