Friday, August 25, 2006

Sleeplessness, awkward departures and advice needed

To whoever came here looking for Ukranian nudists: yeah, sorry about that.

To everyone else: Hey, you know what’s a really good idea, if you’re a caffeine-sensitive insomniac? Drinking an enormous mug of black tea and then trying to sleep next to someone with a bad cough. I tell you, some nights even la petite mort doesn’t result in le peu sommeil.

Was that too much information?

Next week I’m starting a six-week work placement elsewhere, and I expect to be a lot busier than I am now. Well, it would hardly be possible to be less busy than I am now, so what I mean is: I expect to be busy. I’m going to try and continue to post every (week)day, but I give you all fair warning that the entries are likely to be a lot shorter. So don’t come bitching to me later.

I’m doing my best to sneak out of this office today without saying a round of goodbyes. Ostensibly this is because I’m only officially on a six-week secondment but in reality it’s because I have a weird shyness about saying goodbye to people. I’m not a shy person, as anyone who’s met me can attest, but every now and then I have an attack of the cowardlies. Last week a guy who works on my floor left; he’s not part of my department, but we’ve chatted in the kitchen a few times, and he’s a friendly, sociable sort of bloke. What did I do when I heard he was leaving? Sneak past the goodbye drinks gathering rather than make awkward goodbye conversations. I doubt he noticed, but still, what kind of misanthropic coward am I?

So I’m ridding myself of the piles of paperwork gradually in the (possibly vain) hope that no-one will notice that my desk is completely bare. And I’m sneaking out when everyone else is at their regular Friday afternoon meeting. I’m ridiculous. Especially because I already know what will happen: I’ll pick up my bag to go, someone will then finally notice and say goodbye, and then I’ll end up having to do an even more awkward round of goodbyes, now holding all my stuff. The firm I’m going to will then decline to hire me on an ongoing basis, I’ll slink back here and have to face another round of questioning whilst I explain where I was.

Fun times, I tell you, fun times.

On a different subject entirely: I’m thinking of buying a laptop. I have about $AU1500 to spend. It needs to have wifi, but apart from that I don’t have any particular requirements; basically I use my computer for chatting to people and writing stories. I’ve never owned a laptop, so if any of you have recommendations either regarding specific brands or general laptop buying principles, I’d be keen to hear them. Email at right or comment below. Thanks.


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